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I am home alone.

A rarity in my life.

My daughter took the day off of work to take her six month old grand daughter to her well baby checkup.
She had her other daughter’s parent/teacher conference too.

My husband is working the entire day evidently since he hasn’t come home at eleven like he normally does.

Schools are closing two hours early due to the ice we are supposed to be getting here shortly.

And West Liberty schools are on a two hour delay tomorrow morning.

I am so ready for spring and green grass and trees and the sun shining.


I won’t lie, now that I know I am going to be done working in a few months I am anxious for it to get here.

But I am anxious for nicer weather too.

Sick of this cold and crappy weather.

The grandkids want to be outside and when it is freezing cold and or icy they can’t be outside.

I know all in due time.

five eleven I so love the mountains.



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