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Quiet again today~   Leave a comment

I don’t have any grandkids again today due to their parents being off for a funeral/celebration of life they are attending.

My son-in-law’s uncle passed away.

So therefore I don’t have grandkids.


My husband went to work after going to the doctor for a pinched nerve in his back.

They gave him stretching exercises to do and a muscle relaxer.

Yesterday he stayed in bed all day due to the pain.

Today he is fine again and at work.


I love the peace and quiet.


Have to work tonight ten to six and then am off till Monday at ten.

Love my weekends off.


Still missing the beach but I have no idea when I will get there again.



two ten

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Vincent D’Onofrio   Leave a comment

Vicent D'Onofrio  There is something about this man I just love.

I watch re-runs of Law and Order just to watch him.

I hope his is a lot like the character he plays on Law and Order.

Just so adorable and goofy.

He plays small parts in other movies and I always enjoy his character.

Even in Men In Black, he did the part so well.


I don’t watch Law and Order unless he is on it.


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So True~   Leave a comment

for Rick

Men are babies when they get sick.

Mine especially.


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