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I have another busy weekend this weekend.


Seems never ending.

But alas I sort of do it to myself.

Today we are taking Keira and Kayla out for lunch.

We NEVER see them just the two of them by themselves any more so I thought it would be great to just spend some time with them.

I won’t lie, they get bored with us easily.

They are twelve and ten.

They have their own things they like to do and Nana and Papa are too quiet and boring.

That is okay, I would find it strange if they wanted to be with us a lot.

They are healthy happy girls and therefore normal…..

Tomorrow my husband’s niece is coming over with her daughter to meet us as I am going to watch her every now and then while her parents work.

That will be at two.

I may or may not go out to lunch with my sister before then.

I haven’t thought that far ahead.

We are suppose to get together but she is leaving it up to me.

I will decide later today before I email her.

Any hoo, don’t get me wrong, I love my weekends off.

I need to get some groceries too some where today after we have lunch with our grand daughters.

On another note…..

I miss the warm sun and temperatures.

I know I say this almost every time I write any more.

But it is so cold and icy out.

We are supposed to get more snow tomorrow.

And I don’t mind the snow.

I actually love it.

What I hate is this deep freeze we have been in.

Just too damn cold.

icy 2



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