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A Plan In Place~   Leave a comment

Talking with my husband today about babysitting grandchildren and working, I’ve decided that I will take the summer off and not work at all.

It would be too hard to have them all day every day and then try and work too and sleep during the day to work at night.

I am happy with the plan.

I say summer, but I may decide to quit May first do to it being nice outside and harder to sleep with the daylight hours lasting longer.

We shall see.

We have to start or should I say stop spending money and try and get the money saved for his garage and work on being frugal.

Lord knows I am much worse at not spending money then he is.

I just need to stop spending any money unless it is paying a bill or buying groceries.

It will be tough but knowing I will be done working at least for the summer months, in three months makes it all more doable and makes me more determined to buckle down and not spend money.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel…….


light at the end of the tunnel


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