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141I am on night three of my work week, working third shift.

I am tired and find little or no ambition to do much of anything when I get home

For instance, I got off of work yesterday morning, got my three grandchildren at 6:55, slept from 8-11, as my husband was not working so he could watch my seven month old granddaughter.

I didn’t do much of anything other than watching my two grand daughters, before I was back in bed at 4 and slept till 8.

Got up, showered and ate and here I am at work again.

In the morning, this Thursday morning, I will have my grandchildren again, until Aaron and Bailey go to school, and then I will nap when Ava naps.

She usually naps for an hour or so.

That will probably be the only nap I will get as I can sleep tomorrow (tonight) .

My house is a pig style, I haven’t excercised in almost a week, and I feel like I have no energy to do anything.

This is the life of a night shift worker.

Friday will be better as I will be more rested, and then I work the weekend 6-2

Come Sunday afternoon I should be rested.

It is the in between time that gets me down

The working three third shifts in a row wears on me.

It is a job and I do like it better than second shift.

The only problem is I feel like a zombie barely existing when I work three nights in a row.

Nothing feels like it is ever accomplished, and the time seems to fly.

Here we are almost on March 1st.

Where has the month of February gone?

So yeah I am tired and look forward to getting back to normal by the weekend




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