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Every day is a gift.
Every single day.

There will come a day when I won’t wake up.

Hopefully that day is a long way off, but I know it will get me as it has gotten several of my loved ones in the past.

Everyone should remember that each and every day is a gift.

People complain about winter, about the man in the White House, about people driving around them.

People complaining brings me down.

It is depressing.
Why can’t people remember that every day is a gift?

I have two sisters and a mother and grandmother who may very well still wish they were here on earth.
Especially my sisters.

I know damn well that my sister Cyndi would love to be here on earth dealing with another winter.

Seeing her grandchildren and enjoying life.

Cyndi and Demetri 2007.jpg

I just wish people could be happier with life and not complain so much.


Yes I am ready for winter to be over with and yes I have even complained about it…..but honestly it is a pretty season.
And we can’t change it.

We still have at least a month if not longer of winter.

There is no point in being depressed about it or ruining your day over it.

You know “Accept the things you can not change, courage to change the things you can, and have the wisdom to know the difference”

I am not Mrs. Sunshine every single day of my life.

But I am very much a “Look on the Brightside”  kind of person.

My husband is a negative Nancy and it brings me down.

I do not want to be brought down.

I don’t want to be around unhappy people.

I think sometimes people have no clue how negative they are.

I see it, and it depresses me that they are so unhappy.

Change your circumstances if you are so unhappy.

That is the only solution.

Every day is a GIFT!
Every breath we take is a GIFT!
If you don’t feel that way about your life then you either need to change your life, or call it quits.

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