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I love this song~

hugging two


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I wonder~   1 comment

Why doesn’t anyone blog any more?
It baffles me.
No one that I use to read even bothers.
Even my sister goes days without blogging now.

I wonder what they are doing?
Why did they give it up?
Are they so busy that they can’t take the time?
Or are they bored with it?

I just wonder why no one bothers to write any more?

Unrecognizable person writing on a piece of paper.

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Rawness~   1 comment

My hand are raw due to cleaning and doing dishes this past weekend at work.

My palms skin just breaks down so much when I am working with water.

They are raw and ache.

The only thing I can find that eases the pain is a cream that I am having a devil of a time finding to buy more of.

It is frustrating and my raw hands are driving me crazy.

I have tried all kinds of lotions.

Even Vaseline isn’t working.


This rawness could make me insane.


raw hands

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Honestly~   Leave a comment

I have been tossing and turning since twelve thirty and ended up getting up at four am just because I was tired of laying there trying to sleep.

I know I dozed on and off but honestly…..I got four hours of sleep yesterday and two full hours of sleeping before I was dozing off and on.

Why can’t I sleep?
it makes me totally insane.

I want to sleep, I need to sleep but it alludes me.

I don’t know why.

So damn frustrating.


And tomorrow and Sunday I have to be up by five am to be at work at six.


two thirteen

Sitting here would make my life so much easier.


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No One Is Appreciative~   Leave a comment

My son in law works for the city I live in.

He has been out since 1 am last night plowing the streets.

He worked fourteen hours today and then came and got his three children and went home to care for them until my daughter gets home at five.

He works his butt off.

He will have to go out again tonight and work on the streets some more.

People have complained in the past how they build up the snow at the end of everyone’s driveways while they are plowing.

What else are they supposed to do with it?

No one is appreciative any more.

Even my husband who has plowed snow for years on these city streets was complaining about it this morning.

I don’t understand.

It isn’t like the city employees can get out and shovel everyone’s driveway after they plow the streets.


Just makes me insane.

People need to be more appreciative.

They just do.

beautiful picture 6


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As Always~   Leave a comment

I have another busy weekend this weekend.


Seems never ending.

But alas I sort of do it to myself.

Today we are taking Keira and Kayla out for lunch.

We NEVER see them just the two of them by themselves any more so I thought it would be great to just spend some time with them.

I won’t lie, they get bored with us easily.

They are twelve and ten.

They have their own things they like to do and Nana and Papa are too quiet and boring.

That is okay, I would find it strange if they wanted to be with us a lot.

They are healthy happy girls and therefore normal…..

Tomorrow my husband’s niece is coming over with her daughter to meet us as I am going to watch her every now and then while her parents work.

That will be at two.

I may or may not go out to lunch with my sister before then.

I haven’t thought that far ahead.

We are suppose to get together but she is leaving it up to me.

I will decide later today before I email her.

Any hoo, don’t get me wrong, I love my weekends off.

I need to get some groceries too some where today after we have lunch with our grand daughters.

On another note…..

I miss the warm sun and temperatures.

I know I say this almost every time I write any more.

But it is so cold and icy out.

We are supposed to get more snow tomorrow.

And I don’t mind the snow.

I actually love it.

What I hate is this deep freeze we have been in.

Just too damn cold.

icy 2



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Quiet again today~   Leave a comment

I don’t have any grandkids again today due to their parents being off for a funeral/celebration of life they are attending.

My son-in-law’s uncle passed away.

So therefore I don’t have grandkids.


My husband went to work after going to the doctor for a pinched nerve in his back.

They gave him stretching exercises to do and a muscle relaxer.

Yesterday he stayed in bed all day due to the pain.

Today he is fine again and at work.


I love the peace and quiet.


Have to work tonight ten to six and then am off till Monday at ten.

Love my weekends off.


Still missing the beach but I have no idea when I will get there again.



two ten

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