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Car Shopping~   Leave a comment

At this very moment in time I can’t afford a different car.

I have about $3,500 in doctor bills that need paid but when I can get a used car I am going back and forth between these two….

liberty jeep this liberty jeep or

Honda Civic

this Honda Civic

I drove a honda civic here a while back while they were working on my husband’s truck that I got him for his birthday.

I loved it.

I have always and I do mean always loved the Liberty Jeep.

The 2005 or older models.

I do not like the newer models because they are too boxy looking.

The above picture of the jeep is a 2004

It has over 100,000 miles on it but I would just need it to go back and forth to work and it is four wheel drive.

The price for it is just under $6,000

The Honda Civic is a 2006 with just under 130,000 miles on it for just under $6,000.

And while this Honda is a two door I don’t have to have a two door.

A four door would work nicely too.

So while I have to wait for my new used car…..I do enjoy shopping for one….


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Yes Please~   Leave a comment

I read an article the other day that the rumors are going around again that Idris Elba will be the new James Bond.

All I can say is….”Yes Please”


I realize I am twelve years older than this man……but what a hunk……

I would love for him to be the next James Bond.



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Too Much Of A Good Thing   Leave a comment

Sometimes too much of a good thing, is a good thing, but other times too much of a good thing, is bad

For instance I have always been and always will be a lover of sweets

It is a down fall of mine

And being a diabetic makes it worse

Tonight I had three pieces of pizza, (oh the carbs) and a piece of lemon meringue pie

I can tell already that I have had too many carbs

I get a headache when I eat sweets and or have too many carbs

I know better but sometimes you just have to splurge

Even my doctor has said you can’t deny your self all of the time

I loved the pizza and REALLY loved the pie, but I can already feel the headache forming and that’s not a good thing….

Alas….one must take the good with the bad…..

three five

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I’ve Had My Moments-   Leave a comment

You know I feel like I am happy 95% of the time

It’s true there is one or two days a month when I feel moody or hate life, but I do know I have a good life

My sister Cyndi (God rest her soul) told me a few times that I was a lucky person.

That life has always been easy for me, or things have come easy to me.

I attribute my luck to two things, first and foremost God has blessed me so very wonderfully and I know all I have are blessings from Him.

And secondly, the man I am married too has always been a hard worker and determined to work for everything we have.

Yeah we have dept and yes we haven’t always made the greatest choices, but his level head has kept us and me heading in the right direction

No he doesn’t have a passionate bone in his body, and he is overweight and occasionally lazy, but I am overweight and lazy too

Yes I would love passion in my life, I am only 57 after all, but I’ve lived without it for the past five years so I guess I can keep going with out it.

It isn’t the most important thing in life….

God and family are…..

And I have a wonderful family and life is good…..

Yes there have been struggles and times I thought about throwing in the towel

I’ve had moments when I was so tired of the fight that I felt ready for God to take me home

Thank God I got over that slump.

Every one has moments, times when life is exceptionally good or exceptionally hard.

Some more than others it’s true

I have had a pretty great life and a beautiful family.

I have regrets….don’t we all, but life is good.



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Back Where I Come From~   Leave a comment

I grew up in the country onΒ  a road called “Sand Road” it wasn’t made of sand so I don’t know why it was named sand road, but alas there it is.

I also get messages from on houses in Iowa City, my hometown, West Liberty where I live now, and Daytona Beach Florida.

Every day I get emails showing me new properties for sale.

This morning I got one that says there is a historical home on Sand Road for sale.

Of course they don’t have a picture yet, but the only historical home on Sand Road I can think of is the big house on the hill, that I use to see in my bedroom window when I was a kid.

The house I lived in is no longer there.

But the huge house on the hill is.

So I have to wonder if it is up for sale again.

They are asking $250,000 for it and it says it sits on a acre of land.

I have to wonder if it is the house that I use to think was mansion like when I was a kid.

I can’t think of any other house on sand road that is considered “historical”

Sure wish there was a picture…..

Not that I can afford it but it is fun to dream.


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Through the sands of time~   Leave a comment

Well here it is Wednesday evening.

My three days off have flown by as always.

I honestly don’t know where they went.

I start my four evening work week starting tomorrow.


I don’t mind the job, I really don’t…..but I like my time off too.


Two weeks from tomorrow school starts again.

Hard to believe as the summer went so fast.

Miss Ava will be two weeks old tomorrow, Bailey will be four in six days……and life goes on……

I found a six month old Saint Bernard puppy that I would LOVE to have but my husband doesn’t agree.

It would take a lot of patience and caring for us to have a puppy and my husband hates inside animals so…it wouldn’t be fair to the puppy.


If I was home every day and he didn’t have to care for it at all, it might be different…..but since I am working and not home……it wouldn’t work…..






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One Can Only Hope-   Leave a comment

rainThe clouds are darkening in the north.

Rumbles of thunder can be heard and lightening cracks against the sky…..

It looks like rain

One can only hope for it

We need rain badly

Not a hard downpour, but a soft gentle flow for a few hours


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25.5   Leave a comment

yes in 25 and a half hours I will officially be done with my work weekend

Working four days in a row is hard on this old woman

yes I know working is good for me but man does it wear me out too

I have Monday through Wednesday off

I can’t wait

And then I work a four day weekend again


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49 hours from now   Leave a comment

yes this is how I measure my life

in 49 hours I will be off work and have three days off, before working a four day weekend again

I have Β to say my body aches

My feet hurt, my legs hurt and my knees hurt

Working the last four hours of my shift by myself has me hopping from one thing to another

I have a shower to give at nine and then I have to go lock up another building

I know I am out of shape but being this achy every time I work is for the birds


I so look forward to my three days off….

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Day One~   Leave a comment

Today is the first day of my four days in a row work week.

I am looking forward to it but yet I do enjoy my time off too.

I sure wish I had endless amount of money so that I didn’t have to work at all.

Sure would be nice.

Ahh if wishes were horses as my Grandmother use to say.




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