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Got home from vacation yesterday afternoon, it wasn’t nearly long enough but it was great to get away…..

Saw three of my four kids and four of my six grandchildren so that was nice.

The hubby and I got into a bit of an argument which just told me that we had spent too many days together 24/7

Worked my first twelve hour shift today.

I ache, I am so tired because I was on my feet 90% of the day and yes I am worn out.
After lounging around for five days it was a bit hard to do it today, that twelve hours.

But I have tomorrow and Sunday to get through, twelve hours both days and possibly Monday an eight hour shift.

Have to wait and see on Monday.

Have no plans on my days off other then cleaning the house, trying to write ( I actually wrote for a few hours while waiting for our plane to take off in Atlanta yesterday and then about ninety minutes on the plane before I lost the ability to write)


And I didn’t actually write that entire time but outlined the story as I went.

I did a few ‘scenes’ that have been in my head and will have to form the story around them.

It was great being able to write.

I do hope to spend some time in my flower beds on my days off too.

I heard that we are supposed to get a powerful thunderstorm tonight that may produce golf ball sized hail.

I hope we bypass the hail…..but love a good storm.

I heard too we are back up in the nineties tomorrow.


But I will be in air conditioning so….it won’t faze me till I get off at six tomorrow night.

And then of course I want to spend time with my grandchildren on my days off too.

Bailey my four year old grand daughter starts preschool on Monday from 8 am till eleven am Monday through Friday.
She is very anxious.

Aaron wasn’t thrilled with school, nor was Mirielle, but Keira and Kayla said they loved being back in school.

So that is great for them……

Well I can feel the need to think about bed time.

It’s seven thirty in the evening but once I get a movie in and start winding down I am sure I will be asleep by nine.

God willing anyway.


Happy weekend one and all……..

me august 2018

This is me trying to keep my shorts dry in the ocean waves.

August 22, 2018




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