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Water~   Leave a comment



thumbnail two


I am very attracted to water.

It doesn’t even have to be the ocean, it could be a lake or pond.

I just love to be in and around water.

Granted I prefer the ocean but a lake or pond would work too.

Hell a swimming pool would work right now.

I just am drawn to water.




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Grandchildren, husband and work~   Leave a comment

Our beautiful Bailey who is four needs naps and I haven’t been making her take one because she hates taking them and her mother says she doesn’t have to.

So we haven’t been making her.

But she needs them and I am going to have to enforce them because she is so tired by three thirty.

Ava, her sister and my darling four month old grand daughter is so incredibly wonderful and I adore her so much.

No not any more than the others but she is so sweet and precious……

My husband has no patience with the grandkids and gets very annoyed with them.

Makes me want to slap him if I am being totally honest.

Yeah they are kids and maybe I let them get away with a few things that I shouldn’t, but they are kids and they are my grand children to spoil.

He doesn’t need to get all bent out of shape and yell at them.

It really pisses me off.

And I am going to start working more due to needing the money and my husband being done with working for the year and Christmas coming.

Never ever enough money to go around anymore or so it seems.




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As I Get Older~   Leave a comment

As I get older I find myself yearning for the beach and ocean.

I ache for the warmth of the sun~


two ten


two thirteen


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Snow~   Leave a comment


a past coworker bought a house in Colorado and posted a picture today of his snow covered back yard.

I am not quite ready for snow but it was beautiful as I think most snow days are.

I love winter.

Not real crazy about temperatures below zero or ice but I do love winter.

Love it’s beauty and crispness



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Ava~   Leave a comment

My youngest grand daughter Ava is so spoiled.

I love her dearly don’t get me wrong.

She is incredible and precious and I adore her.

But her mother especially spoiled her so much that she wants to be held while she sleeps.

I have tried to get her to sleep elsewhere but in my arms but she instantly wakes up and cries if I don’t pick her up right away.

I do let her cry every now and then.

But it is hard for me because she is my last grandchild and I do adore her.

Yes I spoil her too.

four three


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Time Literally Flies~   Leave a comment

I can’t believe that it is Wednesday already.

I don’t know where the time goes.

It just simply flies.

In a week it will be Halloween and then November first……

How is that possible?

I find even when I work the days still seem to fly by.

Just insane.

On another note I love this weather and this time of year…..

seven four

God just smiles on Iowa this time of year.




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I love this time of year~   Leave a comment

beautiful fall

I love the cooler temperatures and wearing sweaters.

I love the colors of fall.

I love it all.

I don’t even mind that winter is coming.

I love the holidays and the family time…..

It’s just a great time of year….


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Pretty Pictures~   Leave a comment


I haven’t done a pretty pictures blog in a while so here goes……..


Washington state where Bella and Jacob were walking in Twlight





daytona beach

I could go on and on………

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My Love Of Winter~   Leave a comment



I have a thing for pictures of snow and falling snow.

I love winter.

I am not a fan of below freezing temperatures or ice, but I do love the season of winter.

And I love the beauty of it



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Somewhere Over The Rainbow~   Leave a comment

So I am doing a bit of cleaning today.

Cleaning out my dresser and putting some summer clothes away and getting fall and winter clothes out.
Yes it may be a bit early but it is something to do and it needs done eventually.

I would love to be working in my yard, but all it does is rain so there is no being outside today.

I found a old journal that I began in 2016

It was before my sister Cyndi passed away.

Before Ava was born…..

I enjoy reading things I wrote years ago.
It takes me back to that time….

I should try and write in one every day but….this blog is sort of a journal in itself.

I titled this Somewhere over the rainbow……because in the journal I asked “What would make me happy?”

The answer is quite simple.

That everyone believed in God and that everyone treated everyone else with respect.

There would be no murder, no harming of children….no political people who are just out for themselves and not our country.

There would be a cure for cancer.

There would be happiness all around.

As Elvis once said in a song “If every day could be just like Christmas…..what a wonderful world this would be”

I would love to be thinner, but I am working on that.

I would love to have more money too but until I get a few things paid off, I will just have to keep on struggling with that.

I want to retire and hopefully I can by the time I am sixty.
Sooner if possible.


Somewhere over the rainbow….in a perfect world… an unattainable reach……things would be so much better.

Love would conquer hate.

People would treat each other like they wanted to be treated.

In a perfect world………….

double rainbow


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