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I’m Free!   Leave a comment

That is how I feel

I feel free.

I just worked 44 hours in four days and while many people may do that quite often, I am not one of them.

And I have to tell you this old body wasn’t made for working that much.

Yes I use to work a forty hour week every week.

But that was over a year ago and I have obviously gotten really lazy or …….it is just too much.

Anyway as soon as I clocked out at work I felt FREE!!!!

I don’t have to be at work till Six am on Saturday morning.

Five days from now.

And I will only be working two twelve hour shifts not three and a half in a row!

Such a great feeling.


No great plans on my time off other than seeing my grandchildren and spending some time with my youngest and oldest sister.


Wanda and Carolyn

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