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I Need An Adventure~   Leave a comment

I am a blessed woman and I know this but sometimes life gets mundane and boring.

I feel like I need an adventure.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get in my car and drive west and maybe south.

Go to Utah, Arizona and New Mexico.

Maybe even Texas.

I just long to travel……

I was looking at cruises.

I would love to Cruise to Hawaii and Alaska.

Alaska is definitely cheaper, and would cost us $2,000 for the cruise.

Of course we would have to get to Seattle to get on the cruise ship.

But we could drive that.

Going to Hawaii would cost us double the price of the Alaskan Cruise.

And we would have to drive to San Diego.

Still I would love to do either one.


Of course now that I want to get my husband’s garage built I shouldn’t spend money on any vacation.


Sure is nice to dream though.

alaskan cruise

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