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Sensationalizing~   Leave a comment

Yes the killings in New York a while back was horrific.

Yes the man killing 26 people in a church yesterday was horrific but in my opinion the media sensationalizes it all.

Yesterday the news man said and I quote “This is the biggest mass killing at a house of worship in the United States of America’s history”
Well to me that is just giving someone else the idea of “I’m going to do it bigger and kill more people”

They make this person so popular and sensationalize every aspect of their lives.

Making them all anyone talks about.
Doesn’t the news understand that each and every single one of the people who do this want to be famous?
That they do this because they want to go out with a bang?

Be noticed……
Be a celebrity in a sense.

Their big moment of fame…..

Please don’t think I don’t feel for these people who have to face this ugliness or have lost a loved one because of someone’s demented actions.

I do feel for them and I pray nightly for God to help those who have suffered and or lost someone through these horrific actions……..but I honestly believe that the way the news people sensationalize these killings it just makes it more appealing to those who are sick and want to go out with a celebrity status.



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