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Money and Vacation~   Leave a comment

So I was looking at booking a flight and reserving a hotel room in Florida for next May but it would cost over $2,000 to fly there and stay for a week, not to mention the money we would need for food and entertainment.

So it would be about $3,000

But now that I am nearly debt free do I really want to spend that much money?

Not like we haven’t been to Florida over a dozen times…..

AND I want to retire in May so I need to save money for my husband’s garage so we can get that done before I retire.

Spending that $3,000 would almost be like a step backwards.

I DO Love the ocean and the warm sun, but is it  a necessity?

So hard to say if I will go or not.




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Words~   2 comments

Well I was going to title this something else but it said the word I put didn’t exist so I am not quite sure how to go about describing  what I wanted to say since the word is something I can’t spell.

I was going to title this “Knawing away”
But according to the internet that word doesn’t exist.

It is describing a feeling of feeling like something inside me is eating away at my stomach.

Like a dog knaws on a bone.

I don’t know, I tried without the “K” but it isn’t working either.


Guess I need to get the dictionary out.



dog bone

It is eleven pm and the last thing I need is to put more calories into my stomach before bedtime, but I do feel hungry.



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