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Oh yes he did~   1 comment

My brother and his wife were here a month ago and the day after they left I was going through some old pictures and found some of him and his long time friend.

I sent them to him.

Weeks go by and I don’t hear anything from him.

Not a surprise as I have known for decades that I am not one of his favorite people and therefore he has no reason to put forth the effort to say thank you.

Well to my surprise I get a letter from him today.

And yes he did thank me for the pictures.

That took a small paragraph as he said he missed those times.

Then the rest of his letter consisted on my daring to bring up his ex wife in front of his current wife.

That it hurt her feelings immensely and why would I do such a thing?

He can’t believe I would do it intentionally to hurt his current wife but it did indeed hurt her feelings.

Well obviously I would never hurt her feelings intentionally.

They have been married for nine years and his current wife is very aware that he was married before and had two children with his first wife.

But nope I once again stepped over a line and did something I shouldn’t have done.

As my husband just said “Just one more reason to not put forth any effort to make a point of seeing him”

Would I ever write him back and say “yeah well you hurt my feelings every single time I see you”
No I wouldn’t because I am an adult and I am not important enough to him for him to care if he hurt my feelings.

So why bother?

It wouldn’t faze him one way or another that he hurts my feelings every time I see him……

I am not that important to him

Regardless it is what it is.


Here is my brother, his current wife and her daughter




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