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The Colors~   Leave a comment

one one eighteen

We have had a bit of rain, wind and cool temps today in Iowa.

It is a part of Fall I realize.

I love the changing seasons.

two seventeen


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Day’s off~   Leave a comment

So I got up at five thirty to get ready to take my daughter to the hospital so she could have a flushing of her fallopian tubes.

She has been trying to get pregnant for over a year and hasn’t except once back in June, which she lost.

But her doctor suggested this flushing so she did that this morning and had to have someone drive her from the hospital.

So I went and did that.

Then we went out for breakfast and I took her to work.

 I got a few groceries and am now home.

Doing  a bit of laundry and some cleaning.

No other great plans other then getting my grandson from school at two thirty.

Days off go by so fast.

Hate it.

But it is what it is.
Just need to be grateful to have the days off.







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