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3 day weekend begins now~   Leave a comment

It is after ten pm, and I am now officially on my three day weekend.

Love it.

Some day I will never have to work again.

I can’t wait.

But having these three day weekends helps too.

Our eldest daughter Paula is here, down from Wisconsin.

She will leave in the morning but we will go out to breakfast first.

Then we need to do some grocery shopping and then have Kayla’s birthday party at two.

Then the four younger grandkids are staying over night and will be here till noon on Sunday.

I should call my sister Carolyn and ask her if she feels like company Sunday afternoon as I have some things I want her to have.

Then Monday will be here before I know it and that will be a day of painting probably before going back to work on Tuesday.

Weekends are always busier then I want them to be.


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