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I miss my grandchildren

I haven’t seen Keira and Kayla since last Thursday evening and I miss them
Today Aaron will come over and Mirielle was here on Sunday

Keira is getting bored with coming to Nana’s house

I hate that but I suppose it has to do with her age and wanting to play with her friends

Nana is boring probably

Kayla still likes coming here as does Aaron.

winter is here with full force

No we aren’t getting snow but the temperatures are really cold and it is a very gloomy day

Looks like it could start snowing at any second although the weatherman says that won’t happen today………….

Happy Tuesday everyone!



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home from the hospital   1 comment

My husband is home from the hospital

we got home yesterday morning about noon

He is still in a lot of pain but he is up walking and taking it slow too.


I think he gets impatient with me because I am not catering to his every whim but he needs to be up too and not baby himself.
Physical therapists said as much at the hospital.


tomorrow he has physical therapy and I am quite sure they will run him through the mill.

but hopefully it will all work out in the end.

Exercise exercise exercise those knees.


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