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My sister asked me why I don’t write more on my blog

the answer is simple
I don’t have a computer at work and therefore I don’t take the time to do it once I am home again

I think of it every now and then but I am either busy doing something else or feel like I don’t have anything to write about.


I love to write, don’t get me wrong but with no computer at work I can’t take the time in my day to just blog or answer too many emails or anything.

it is a drag………but it is what it is


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I have begun to jog

Well honestly I am working my way into jogging.
I start out walking and walk five minutes and then jog a minute and then go back to walking

alternating between the two

Next week I will walk four minutes and jog two and then alternate and eventually I will work up to jogging all of the time

It is work but it makes me feel so good when I am done.
I love it!



I feel empowered!

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