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Crappy Weather?   Leave a comment

I hear there is a chance of a wintery mix tomorrow.
Freezing rain and snow


My youngest sister was going to come up for a visit but isn’t now due to the possible weather we are going to have.

They say it will be 33 which will be a heat wave after this artic freezing weather.

But they say with the warmer temps the wintery mix will appear.

Channel 9 says 33 tomorrow, 32 on Monday, 33 on Tuesday, 40 on Wednesday, 35 on Thursday and then 17 degrees on Friday.

Yuck for Friday’s weather.

But it is Iowa and we have to take what we get.

I told my son Matt earlier today, that I think I need to start having my winters in Florida.




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Tired~   Leave a comment

I am tired.

I worked tonight and man am I whipped.

I am use to working ten to six am and I take my time and work at a slower pace.

Today and tonight I was running my tail off helping the residents


My legs and back ache.


st lucia two

yeah still longing for the beach~




Posted January 6, 2018 by Marge in ramblings