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My son bought the movie “It” and brought it over to watch.

I HATE scary movies.

Literally hate them but my husband wanted to see it and Brian and Mirielle are here too watching it.

I don’t like clowns either.

But I am half way watching it due to it being on in my living room


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Well I am on my day off and it has been busy watching my three year old grand daughter.

I did make a run to Iowa City which was unproductive but it was a nice drive and the sun was warm.

I wanted to get my hair cut but the place was packed and I don’t have patience in waiting.

I want to get in and get it done, not wait for an hour or more.

I have to work the next two nights two till ten.

It will be nice to see the residents.

I also have a basketball game to go to tomorrow because my eleven year old grand daughter is playing.

She told me that they will lose because they aren’t very good, but it will be enjoyable just to watch her.

They say by Sunday it will be warmer, meaning not zero or less.

Which will be very nice.

one one seven


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