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Feeling half alive~   Leave a comment

I worked last night so I have been up for almost twenty four hours.

I feel half alive.
I am watching my grand daughter and although she lets me rest I haven’t actually slept.

My husband should be home with in the next forty minutes and then I am going to try to get five plus hours.

God willing I will be able to.

I say able because it is daytime out with full sun shine and it may be too bright out to sleep

Yes I have dark curtains that shut out most of the light but not all.


One more night to work…..


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The Cat In The Hat~   Leave a comment

The above titled movie is a favorite of my grandchildren’s.

We have watched it about four times this week.

And that doesn’t count that we will probably watch it Saturday night too.

It is a cute movie.
Alec Baldwin is in it and he does a great job.

Mike Myers plays the cat and he does a good job as well.

It is silly and a child’s movie but it is good enough to have to listen to it a few times a week.

cat in the hat



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