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15 hours~   Leave a comment

I slept fifteen hours last night.

And man do I feel good today.

I had been up 28 hours between Friday and Saturday and got maybe six hours Saturday night so I was in bed by 6pm last night.

Yeah I know insane.

But I needed it obviously.

It is great to feel so refreshed.

Now I work the next four nights ten to 6 am so…..I will be sleeping as much as I can every day.


I feel truly alive in the first time in weeks.




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Feeling half alive~   Leave a comment

I worked last night so I have been up for almost twenty four hours.

I feel half alive.
I am watching my grand daughter and although she lets me rest I haven’t actually slept.

My husband should be home with in the next forty minutes and then I am going to try to get five plus hours.

God willing I will be able to.

I say able because it is daytime out with full sun shine and it may be too bright out to sleep

Yes I have dark curtains that shut out most of the light but not all.


One more night to work…..


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The Cat In The Hat~   Leave a comment

The above titled movie is a favorite of my grandchildren’s.

We have watched it about four times this week.

And that doesn’t count that we will probably watch it Saturday night too.

It is a cute movie.
Alec Baldwin is in it and he does a great job.

Mike Myers plays the cat and he does a good job as well.

It is silly and a child’s movie but it is good enough to have to listen to it a few times a week.

cat in the hat



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Day off and Bailey~   Leave a comment

Well today is my one day off this week before the weekend next weekend.

I spent it watching my three year old grand daughter Bailey.

She actually crawled up onto my lap at eleven fifteen and fell asleep and slept on me till I had to get up at two to use the bathroom.

That of course woke her up.
She was in a great mood though so she must have had a good nap.

I work now Tuesday night through Friday night ten to six am.

Yeah it sort of will be like having tomorrow off too since I don’t go in till ten.

I have to get some groceries tomorrow since I won’t have Bailey.

I changed my mind about getting my hair cut.

I really am not a huge fan of my hair until it is midway through a cut so I just decided to forget it for now.

Plus it is cold out so leaving it a bit longer will help with being out in the cold.

I have  two basketball games to attend on Saturday and then we will have the four younger grandchildren over night.

And then on Sunday we are going to have everyone over for lunch for Matt’s 32nd birthday.

It will be a busy weekend no doubt…..

They say it is going to be freezing cold again by then .

A nice week but by Friday back down to 17 degrees and that  temp on Saturday and colder than that on Sunday.


three three




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What to say today~   Leave a comment

It is ten fifteen this Sunday morning.

In less then four hours I have to be at work, which honestly I don’t mind.

I like interacting with the residents.

And it isn’t like it is a beautiful day outside and I am going to be stuck inside.

It is supposed to start raining, freezing rain which will make for difficult travel if it is a lot of it.

Hopefully everyone will be safe and God willing no one will get seriously hurt from this kind of weather.

But like I said in my previous blog we live in Iowa and we get what we get.

I wrote yesterday that I would prefer to be in Florida in the winter months but they are in the low fifties.

Too cold for Florida.








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Crappy Weather?   Leave a comment

I hear there is a chance of a wintery mix tomorrow.
Freezing rain and snow


My youngest sister was going to come up for a visit but isn’t now due to the possible weather we are going to have.

They say it will be 33 which will be a heat wave after this artic freezing weather.

But they say with the warmer temps the wintery mix will appear.

Channel 9 says 33 tomorrow, 32 on Monday, 33 on Tuesday, 40 on Wednesday, 35 on Thursday and then 17 degrees on Friday.

Yuck for Friday’s weather.

But it is Iowa and we have to take what we get.

I told my son Matt earlier today, that I think I need to start having my winters in Florida.




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Tired~   Leave a comment

I am tired.

I worked tonight and man am I whipped.

I am use to working ten to six am and I take my time and work at a slower pace.

Today and tonight I was running my tail off helping the residents


My legs and back ache.


st lucia two

yeah still longing for the beach~




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