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Good Lord this job is hard on me.

I NEVER feel like I get enough sleep and this working the grave yard shift just wears me out.

Not that there is so much work to do, there isn’t…..it is just that I am not getting the sleep I need.

And it makes me feel old.

It also makes me feel like there is no point to life when all I do is work and try to sleep.


Today I have to watch my youngest grand daughter due to her other grandmother being sick.

That means even less sleep then what I had hoped for.

I usually get five to six hours a day.

Not enough.

So by night four, which is tonight, I am going to be miserable.

So today if I get four or five hours it will be amazing.

Just hate this feeling old and worn down with this job.

I feel nauseated and just so tired…..





Posted January 18, 2018 by Marge in ramblings

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