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2nd shift today   Leave a comment

today I am working 2-10:30 because we have city voting in Iowa City.

I let my night custodian choose which hours he wanted and he picked first shift so I am working second.

In the back of my mind I have told myself that I want his job should he ever retire before I do.

So today is a test of sorts to see how I like it.

I use to work second shift about twenty years ago and hated it, but I am older now and more relaxed so….we shall see.

in other news….it is another beautiful morning in Iowa.

62, full sunshine and a nice breeze

weather channel says 92 on Friday, 96 on Saturday and 97 on Sunday

all I can say is YUCK!
I hate hot and humid weather.


but it is Iowa so…..

Happy Tuesday!

I am thankful


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