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Kathy is here, flying in from Florida yesterday morning.


We spent the majority of the day visiting with our eldest sister Carolyn, going out to eat twice and then browsing Barnes and Noble.

Our second meal we met up with my niece and my other older sister Cyndi.

It was a good visit with a few exceptions.

First Cyndi told us that the cancer has moved to her lungs but the doctor didn’t seem to think it was a big deal.

My guess is that the cancer in  her liver will kill her before  the cancer in her lungs will.

??  I don’t know and she didn’t seem to know either.

Secondly as it often happens my niece, who is two months younger then I am likes to act like everything we talk about is worse for her then for anyone else.

it pisses me off truth be told.

We got to talking about work and how long we have been working and she pipes up “I have been working full time all my life.”

I said “No you haven’t. When your daughter was a child before she started to school you worked part time”
“Well I worked four days a week!” She snaps back

I said “That isn’t full time”
And her remark was “Well I have been working since I was 12!”

like the rest of us have not started working till we were twenty or something.

It irates me


And then she criticizes us for saying something about our dead sister’s children and she says we need to be nicer.

I wanted to say to her “Right because  you are so nice to your mother all of the time?”
But of course I didn’t.

I know that I am probably being a bitch but come on……we are all imperfect~






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