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good grief I am tired.
I just do not get enough sleep

not that I don’t try.
I do try I just can’t get my mind to shut off and relax.
If I got five hours last night that would be stretching it.
I didn’t get to bed till eleven pm, due to taking the grand daughters to a movie

(Brave, which I wouldn’t recommend, I thought it was incredibly boring)

then we get home about ten and I can never just go right to bed like my husband can, so I watered all the flowers and plants outside and climbed into bed about eleven.
I tossed and turned and tried to will myself to go to sleep

last time I looked at the clock it was eleven forty.


and of course I got up at four fifteen as usual.

Hate feeling tired.

literally hate it.

and I am at work and have no ambition to be here.

darn it.

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