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I’m in a funk.
I know a lot of it has to do with being tired.

I slept very badly last night and hope to be in bed by eight tonight.

Have to work the weekend and really wish I didn’t but alas…..what else would I do?
Sit home and watch TV with my husband all weekend?
NO thanks.
I would rather be at work.


I’m in a funk.

I feel like I hate everything.

The holiday was a let down.

I felt like it was all pointless.

Maybe I see my kids and their families too much.
It just didn’t seem special at all.

Yeah I told you, I am in a funk.

I hate my life.

Almost every aspect of it.


I know I am blessed with healthy children and grandchildren.

Blessed to have a good job and my health.

But I am down and blue

I’m sure part of it is that I have no passion in my life.

Physically or otherwise.

I feel like I am 80 and I hate it.
HATE this feeling of my life is just wasting away to nothing.

Yeah I am in a mood.



Posted November 29, 2019 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings

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