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Raining Money~   Leave a comment

So now that my husband is collecting his social security he will be bringing home $60,000 a year, without lifting a finger or working one minute of every day.
This is what his retirement and social security has done for him.

No it isn’t raining money, but it nice to have that cushion.

We have about ten thousand in credit card debt, and he wants to buy new tires for his truck which will be about $1200.00.

I want to get new glasses which will be another $1,000 at least and eventually I want a newer car.

And hopefully we will be sitting better this next year to build his garage that he has wanted for years.

There is a house with six and a half acers of land in Cedar County that I would love to have.

They are asking $275,500 for it.

Which is almost two hundred thousand more then what we paid for the house we live in now.

Still I would love to have it.

I doubt it will ever come to pass but it is a dream….

Good thing dreaming is free.

My being the insurer of the house hold now takes a little over $500 from my paychecks, but that is better than the $1,500 they were going to start charging us a month for Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Totally highway robbery.


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