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I just read an email from my sister, who lately goes every other day in emailing me instead of every day like she use to, but in her email she wrote that she has a hard time finding a book that holds her interest.

I feel the same way.

I have at least four books that I have started that I have to finish and the reason is, they are boring or don’t hold my attention.

Is it because I am getting older and the brain just doesn’t stay focused as well?

And I have about thirty books in my study downstairs that I bought but haven’t even attempted to read even though at one time I found them interesting enough to buy.

There is one or two down there that I have started but stopped reading because again, it isn’t holding my attention.

Maybe it is my frame of mind when I attempt to start a book.

I know one of my favorite books “Envy” by Saundra Brown, took me four times  starting it before I read it and loved it.

The first chapter was boring and didn’t hold my attention.

It didn’t “Grab” me and make me interested in the characters immediately.

But I did read it and loved it.

So I know these other books will be decent too, but as I said…..sometimes it is hard to get in to one…..

I do wonder if it has to do with getting older?


Posted November 16, 2018 by Marge in ramblings

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