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What Is That One Thing?   Leave a comment

If you had one wish, only one, what would it be?
What would that one thing be that you want above all others?
Living to be a hundred?
More money then you knew what to do with?
Being a successful novelist?

Bringing back a loved one?

Right a wrong you once made?

What would that one wish be?

I understand that it would take a lot of thinking to come up with that one thing.

But if I had one wish,  just one~ it would be that my four children and their spouses and children and my husband Rick, would know and love the Lord Jesus Christ as much as I do, and know that only through Him, will they have everlasting life.

All the money in the world will not bring my family and loved ones closer to God and His Son.

Righting wrongs from the past definitely wouldn’t do it.

Being a successful novelist or anything else being successful at…..would not bring them closer to Our Lord.

That is my one wish.

I pray nightly that God help me find the words to teach and talk to my children, husband and grandchildren, to work through me to bring them all closer to Him.

Only through God and His Son will they live in Heaven one day.

God willing, one day I will be able to help them find the way…..



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God Bless One and All~   Leave a comment

God bless all those fire fighters who are working every day on to put out the fires in California.

God bless all fire fighters but the ones who are in California right now are not getting much if any breaks from fighting those horrendous fires.

I know, every fire fighter works hard, but according to the news on ABC this morning, the firefighters who are working in California are working twenty four seven with little to no breaks.

It is horrific.

God bless those who are losing their homes, who have lost loved ones and for those who have died in those fires.

What a horrific way to die.

calirornia fires three

california fires too.png

camp fire fires in california.jpg

my heart just aches for them all.

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