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Christmas~   Leave a comment

So I have been in the mood for Christmas for about four days now.

Today we put up our little tree and yesterday my husband put the lights outside while I was at work.

Christmas eve is six weeks from tonight.

Hopefully Paula will be able to come home.

Here are a few pics

my treeThis is our little tree with all kinds of candy canes on them, due to our grandchildren loving them.

my house one

outside my house

my house two

and one more outside my house


and my grandchildren’s stockings

my grandkids stockings

Our Christmas will be small this year as we are just giving the grandkids money, due to none of them needing anything.

And I feel like I spend a lot and they don’t appreciate what they get.
So this time they can just have money and get things they want.

I kind of feel a bit let down, not actually doing the shopping thing…..but we will do it this time this year and see what next year brings.



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