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I am officially unemployed

I can’t say it has honestly hit me yet

Everything I did yesterday was the last time for doing it and even knowing it was the last time, I’m not quite sure it has registered yet……

I watched the first episode of season 8 of Game of Thrones last night

I was a bit disappointed but hopefully it will pick up

With only 5 more episodes to go before it is done I would think that they would move things along a bit faster ……..

Laundry is almost done for another week,  and I am sitting here writing this on my phone as I am rocking my 8 month old grand daughter so she can sleep

Her sister Bailey is playing here in the living room with her dolls and play house

My sister calls this my first day of freedom and I suppose it is

It really just feels like a day off to me……

Sure wish we could get out of the 40’s and 50’s so we could be out side



I’m usually counting down the days till I am flying to Florida for a week over my birthday

Not going to happen this year which makes me a bit sad

But maybe next year…..



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