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Cold Weather and The Job-   Leave a comment

After bragging about the wonderful weather we had last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, it has been miserably cold since then.

So cold that the heat is back on and I worry my flowers are going to die 

Hate it

I don’t want summer but 75 or so would be great 

Unfortunately mother nature refuses to let go of winter

Hopefully in a week or two things will start warming up

stella de oro daylily

in other news, tomorrow is my last day at this job

My boss and I have never been a good fit and I get into trouble for things I don’t do

So it is time to exit the job

I am going to take the summer off and watch my grand children who are 8, 4 and almost 9 months and then find something to do in the fall 

So in 28 and a half hours I will be jobless 

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