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Today is the fourth day I have been off from work and I have to say I don’t ever want to go back.

Yes the money is nice and yes I need insurance so I must work.

But I do wish I never had to work again and had the means to just live and buy whatever I want when I want.


Good thing dreaming is free.

Thanksgiving was Thursday of last and it was enjoyable but would have been better if Paula had been here.

Adam was sick with the brown bottle flu, so he wasn’t here and Tonyia and Mirielle didn’t come for fear of the coronavirus.

So it wasn’t the same.

We have more left overs then I know what to do with.

I am not a huge left over kind of person but alas… is what it is.

We have been helping Emily move and I have been cleaning while Rick helped move.

That was Friday.
Yesterday we had the grandchildren for the majority of the day and today is laundry, cleaning and a bum day.


Still wish I was rich……….

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