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Color Me Florida~   Leave a comment


I yearn to be on vacation

I yearn to be in Florida, working on my tan, visiting my sister and just enjoying the beach.


It would definitely lift my spirits if I could be there right about now…..


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Tantalizing Tuesday   Leave a comment


Tantalizing Tuesday, yeah right.
Just another day in the life of this working woman.

Yeah I know I should be thankful for this good paying job…..and I am, I really am…..

I just wish for some time away…..

My sister said they are not moving north so I can plan a vacation for this winter and not have to worry about it coexisting with her moving.

Think I will try for the end of December/early January for a quick trip to Florida.

Ideally I should find some where else to go but during winter Florida is generally the warmest place to be…..


I will spend half of it with my sister in Fort Myers and the other half ocean side.

I think we will drive this year because the air line tickets are so expensive.


daytona beach

I miss the ocean


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I ache to travel….   Leave a comment

utah 2

my beloved Utah, how I wish I could get into the car and drive there for a week or two

or the beach… tan is fading and I long to be there soaking up the rays….



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Getting the itch~   Leave a comment


I am ready to go on vacation again.

Unfortunately I don’t have any vacation time to use till November 16th which is my anniversary date and then I get four weeks of vacation again.

Still I yearn to be on the road.

Weather it is west to the mountains or south to the beach….I just itch for vacation and not be here when school starts this year.

Alas…..dreaming again…..


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it’s a dog world   Leave a comment

I have officially started my week of dogs and house sitting.

All four dogs are laying in the living room around me patiently waiting for me to get up so they can see what I am going to do.

Here are a few photos of the dogs


this is Sully, he is a mastiff and a huge 150 pound baby.

He is in fact barely a year old.


This is Zeus also a Mastiff and about 3 years old.

He is only about 100 pounds


This is Copper (the brown one) taken when Zeus was a baby

I think Copper is 6 or 7 and he is my favorite of all four dogs


And this is Milo who is ten (obviously taken a few years back) with a growing Zeus


My phone dinged to let me know I had a message  so I got up and all four get up too like they are my shadow.

I let them outside and will go join them out there shortly.

It should be a relaxing week



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ahhh……   1 comment


I long to be near the water.

It can be a pond, or river or ocean.

Preferably the ocean but since I live too far away I have to settle for the river or pond.


of course if I were in the mountains a lake would work too.

Basically I want to be on vacation…..

Some place other then Iowa.


the beach

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My Mountain   1 comment

mt rainier

if I owned this house I would never be inside, nor would there ever be curtains on my windows

I so love Mount Rainier.

I definitely must go back and visit her one day.

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Florida   1 comment


With winter coming I think of Florida more often.

Granted winter is over three possibly four months away, but I know it is coming and some years it is VERY long.

I told myself I wasn’t going this year unless I lost at least thirty pounds.

Well I best get busy because I haven’t lost anything yet.

I’m cutting back and trying to eat healthier but the scale reads the same.

It is such a slow process.

Still I am going to strive for it.

Spending part of the time in Fort Myers and part over on the ocean side.

IF I lose the weight…..

How am I betting????

Stay tuned…….


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Driving south   Leave a comment


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be heading south with my family for a vacation.

Yes I know I was just in Florida in April but it would be wonderful to just escape the reality of life for a week or so.

But I would want my grandchildren there as well.

I think they would love the beach, maybe not for a week but for a good three to four days.

If only~

I guess I have to settle for our 80 degree temps and the city pool today.

I could pretend it is the beach.


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Yeah~   Leave a comment




yes I would like to be frolicking at the beach right now.

sounds wonderful…..


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