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cold, cough and grandchildren   Leave a comment

well just when I think I am on the mend I have my cold back


Coughing and sneezing and feeling cold all over again.


we are having our two older grand daughters tonight

Keira  and Kayla.

I haven’t had a weekend with just them in a few months and I miss it.

I love having Aaron and Bailey with Keira and Kayla too and we will have that again next weekend but….tonight it is just the two girls.

Which is great.


daytona beach

I still wish I was at the beach but ……then I wouldn’t get to see our grand children.


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grandchildren time   Leave a comment

we have our Keira and Kayla this afternoon and evening while their father works and their mother goes out to dinner with a friend of hers.

not that I mind.
I love spending time with them and it seems like we are seeing them less and less as they get older.

Rick has Bailey today and maybe Aaron later although their mother is off of work so I am not quite sure what she is going to do with her day….

I know she has shopping she wants to do for her upcoming wedding….

I love my quiet time, but I do so love my grandchildren time too.


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Today   Leave a comment


Today is my grand daughter Keira’s 9th birthday.
Amazing that it has been nine years since she was born.
Where has the time gone?

We have her birthday party to go to here in an hour or so.

She is ornery and full of piss and vinegar at times.

But I think she is a beautiful child.
Of all my grandchildren I think she is the most beautiful
She is delicate and little, and shy and reserved.

Perfect complexion and hazel eyes.

I love her dearly
no not more than the other four, but she will always be a little extra special because I saw her come into the world and she is my first blood grandchild.

The other four grandchildren are beautiful too, but Keira is close to perfection.
At least in my eyes.




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the best of me   Leave a comment

what is the best of me?

my children and grandchildren

when they hurt I hurt, when they do something that is really dumb, I cringe with the pain it will one day cause them.

my grandchildren are all innocent children and I want nothing more than for them to be happy and healthy their whole lives through.

my youngest son is getting divorced.

his wife has decided she doesn’t want to be married to him any longer

I will not say it is all her fault because I know it isn’t.

My son is his father’s son too, and they are a lot a like in a lot of ways.

No I’m not perfect and have never claimed to be, no one is, however my son and his father sometimes have a hard time admitting they could be wrong.

at any rate, the divorce is going to happen and I ache for my two grand daughters who are 8 and 6.

I hope and pray their parents can be civil and the divorce isn’t too hard on the girls.

God willing they will pull through it with little or no damage done to their little spirits.

Keira will take it harder than Kayla, because Kayla is a happy-go-lucky, I can accomplish anything type of girl.
Keira is a worrier, and will take things very personally.

Keira is the oldest of the two.

Keira doesn’t have Kayla’s confidence.

but I hope and pray they will both be fine with their parents decisions.


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if tomorrow never comes   Leave a comment

as I prepare for my vacation here in about twenty four hours, I always think of the what ifs?

what if we don’t live through this?

what if we get in a car accident and die?

or robbed and killed for our car?

maybe I sound a bit morbid but I always have these what ifs going on in my mind.

it could be that for about two weeks now I have had a horrible feeling that something bad is going to happen.

I don’t know if that something bad is about me or someone I love.

I just know I won’t like the outcome.

so as I get ready to travel the friendly interstates to get to Florida, I wonder if tomorrow never comes what then?

I have no fear of dying.

I know I am going to Heaven and will live there with my Lord.

and I know my four children will be fine without me in their lives.

yes they will miss me, but I know deep down they will be fine.

it is my five grandchildren that I worry for.

yes they will be fine too if I die tomorrow or a week from now, but to never see them again or hold them and tell them how very important they are to me,  is heartbreaking.

I love them all so much.

I would hope my children would never let them forget me.

but that would be the only thing that would make me sad about dying.

and that is my wonderful grandchildren.

God willing I get to see them all grow up and have marriages and babies of their own.

but if not………maybe He will let me watch over them from Heaven.


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story time   Leave a comment

I have my eight and five year old grand daughters with me.

they stayed over night and will be here most of the day since their mother is playing softball and their father is spending time with my other son Brian.

Both girls have decided they are going to write a story.

Kayla is down stairs with grandpa asking him how to spell words and Keira is up here asking me how to spell words

funny that they both want to write.
I personally love writing stories.
If only my brain and heart would work with my fingers to get it on paper.


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We had a full weekend with our four grandchildren

we rented a pontoon boat and spent a few hours there on that soaking up the rays and enjoying the relaxation

then we had the grandchildren at our fair yesterday

it was enjoyable but tiresome as well

My darling Kayla was a bear unless we were doing what she wanted.
I love her dearly but man is she a stubborn little cuss


still it was a great time and I want to make the memories while we can with the grandkids so they will think fondly of  us when we are old and gray and or when we leave this earth.
Family really is the most important thing next to God, who of course gave me this wonderful family


This is Kayla, Me, Keira, Rick and Aaron
Mirielle was busy with her mother and didn’t get to join us



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I went to have lunch with Keira today, my seven-year old grand-daughter

I actually bought her subway and she ate there at school while we sat and talked.

Then Aaron was here for a bit today too.
He has pink eye in both of his eyes and he is a bit grumpy.
But over all a happy boy.


Love my grandchildren so very much




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grandchildren today   Leave a comment

I had three of my four grandchildren today
It went pretty well
Kayla the four year old had quite a few melt downs so I made her take a nap
Aaron was the best by far and Keira the seven year old got mouthy a couple of times
but now that they are gone, and as I reflect back, they weren’t that bad.

I hate when Kayla has melt downs but the nap seemed to help that for the most part.
she gets upset when she can’t do something but she has no patience when I try and tell her what she needs to do.

It was exhausting but now that they are gone as I said, it wasn’t that bad.

They are all coming back tomorrow so we can have dinner together in honor of Labor Day but their parents will be here so that will be a bit easier.

Love my grandchildren so very much but as I get older I enjoy the quiet time as well.

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I fall in love all over again   Leave a comment

My darling Kayla makes me fall in love all over again with her.
She is so wonderful

Her sister Keira went with their mom to her softball game so we just saw my son Matt and Kayla for a while.
Kayla is so smart and funny and wonderful and I adore her so much
NOT that Keira, Mirielle and Aaron aren’t just as wonderful as Kayla but when it is just me and Kayla, it is exceptional because she is full of questions and silly things
I have a fear that when she gets to school she will be teased because she is chunky, OR because she wears glasses OR because she has a red birthmark that covers part of her right cheek.
When she was born it went from the middle of her chin all the way up to her right eye but the older she gets the smaller it gets.
I fear kids will tease her
so I encourage her about how wonderful and precious and beautiful she is every chance I get so that she knows she is wonderful and precious and beautiful even if she is chunky and wears glasses and has a birthmark on her face

yesterday I am hugging her and telling her how wonderful she is and she pulls back and says to me “Will I be wonderful for 20 days or 40 days?” ( I have no idea why she would ask this)
I said “No sweetheart you are WONDERFUL EVERY DAY AND FOREVER!”
and she just smiles at me and gives me a big tight hug

Keira came a bit later and while she is exceptionally beautiful too, she is more shy and not as open and happy and showing she is happy like Kayla is
Don’t get me wrong, I DO NOT have a favorite grandchild!
But Kayla is exceptional because she is Kayla
I have told Keira dozens of times that if anyone looked up the word beautiful in the dictionary there would be a picture of her
She is like a china doll, so perfect in her facial features, her coloring and just her.

Mirielle is beautiful too with her dark hair and eyes

Aaron is exceptional because he is the only boy AND he is smart and funny and so innocent.

and the spite n’ image of his father and mother.

I am a blessed woman with my four grandchildren!
Thank you Lord for the beautiful family I have

Spring Rush at the Subway

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