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Somewhere Over The Rainbow~   Leave a comment

So I am doing a bit of cleaning today.

Cleaning out my dresser and putting some summer clothes away and getting fall and winter clothes out.
Yes it may be a bit early but it is something to do and it needs done eventually.

I would love to be working in my yard, but all it does is rain so there is no being outside today.

I found a old journal that I began in 2016

It was before my sister Cyndi passed away.

Before Ava was born…..

I enjoy reading things I wrote years ago.
It takes me back to that time….

I should try and write in one every day but….this blog is sort of a journal in itself.

I titled this Somewhere over the rainbow……because in the journal I asked “What would make me happy?”

The answer is quite simple.

That everyone believed in God and that everyone treated everyone else with respect.

There would be no murder, no harming of children….no political people who are just out for themselves and not our country.

There would be a cure for cancer.

There would be happiness all around.

As Elvis once said in a song “If every day could be just like Christmas…..what a wonderful world this would be”

I would love to be thinner, but I am working on that.

I would love to have more money too but until I get a few things paid off, I will just have to keep on struggling with that.

I want to retire and hopefully I can by the time I am sixty.
Sooner if possible.


Somewhere over the rainbow….in a perfect world… an unattainable reach……things would be so much better.

Love would conquer hate.

People would treat each other like they wanted to be treated.

In a perfect world………….

double rainbow


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Heading South-   1 comment

So Sunday my husband and I are going to fly the friendly skies to Florida for a three day vacation on the beach

It will probably be our last time for a long while  as I start watching my three grandchildren full time on September 15th and won’t be able to just up and go like this once that happens

On August 26th my husband and I will be having our 38th wedding anniversary so this is sort of for that…..and we both have off of work

So God willing it will be a great time and sunny and relaxing



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She Should Have Been A Nurse~   Leave a comment

A few days before my sister Cyndi passed away I was helping her go to the bathroom

Actually my brother was holding her up and I was cleaning her back side.

She said to my brother “She should have been a nurse”

And all of my life I have always had the desire to be a nurse.

But kids and life got in the way.

Tonight at work one of the residents said to me “Marge why are you always so nice to me?”
I laughed and said “Because I like you and it is my job to take care of you”
She smiled and said “You have such patience and such a good heart.  You should have been a nurse”
I told her I have always had that desire.


And honestly I was seriously thinking about going to nursing school this last spring.

I prayed about it and was even looking into a community college.

It would cost roughly $15,000 to $20,000  to do it, but I was seriously thinking of doing it.

The thing that stopped me was…….My daughter’s permanent babysitting decided to move away and my daughter had asked me if I would start watching her kids full time once she goes back to work after maternity leave.

I could not tell her no.

She has never had to pay a babysitter for watching her kids.

Her mother in law had been the babysitter until she moved to Minnesota.

I prayed about it and I even asked God to give me a sign, any kind of sign if going to college to be a nurse wasn’t the right thing to do.

Not even two days later my daughter told me she needed me to watch her kids as her mother in law was moving away.

God does answer prayers.

And while a part of me will always long to be a nurse… does warm my heart when an elderly person tells me I should have been a nurse.



nine twenty six



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I’ve Had My Moments-   Leave a comment

You know I feel like I am happy 95% of the time

It’s true there is one or two days a month when I feel moody or hate life, but I do know I have a good life

My sister Cyndi (God rest her soul) told me a few times that I was a lucky person.

That life has always been easy for me, or things have come easy to me.

I attribute my luck to two things, first and foremost God has blessed me so very wonderfully and I know all I have are blessings from Him.

And secondly, the man I am married too has always been a hard worker and determined to work for everything we have.

Yeah we have dept and yes we haven’t always made the greatest choices, but his level head has kept us and me heading in the right direction

No he doesn’t have a passionate bone in his body, and he is overweight and occasionally lazy, but I am overweight and lazy too

Yes I would love passion in my life, I am only 57 after all, but I’ve lived without it for the past five years so I guess I can keep going with out it.

It isn’t the most important thing in life….

God and family are…..

And I have a wonderful family and life is good…..

Yes there have been struggles and times I thought about throwing in the towel

I’ve had moments when I was so tired of the fight that I felt ready for God to take me home

Thank God I got over that slump.

Every one has moments, times when life is exceptionally good or exceptionally hard.

Some more than others it’s true

I have had a pretty great life and a beautiful family.

I have regrets….don’t we all, but life is good.



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She Is Here-   Leave a comment

My newest grand daughter is officially 24 hours and 23 minutes old

She is so beautiful and precious

Thank You God for her and for all my children and grandchildren

I am so blessed


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24 Hours or Less~   Leave a comment

In less than twenty four hours I will have a new grand daughter.

It will be wonderful to finally meet Miss Ava Marie.

I look forward to holding her and welcoming her into the world.

God willing they will both survive labor and delivery and grow up together.

God willing.

I am so very blessed with my wonderful family and I don’t ever want to take that for granted.

Thank you Lord for all of the wonderful people you have graced me with in this life.


pretty moving butterflies and flowers

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Breakfast Pizza,Captain Under Pants and Counting Down~   Leave a comment

So Aaron and Bailey came today and both wanted breakfast pizza, so we went to Casey’s to get some.

Almost six dollars later they are eaten and now we are watching Captain Underpants.

Like SpongeBob Square Pants I find this show to be really dumb

The two of them enjoy it and I let them watch what they want on TV.

It keeps them happy and usually from being bored.


Two days and counting down till we get to meet Miss Ava Marie.

I am anxious to meet her and God willing she and Emily will be fine.
I always worry as many many years ago, probably close to forty or fifty I had a cousin who gave birth and a blood clot went to her heart and killed her.

I always am afraid that it will happen to one of my kids.

I know, I worry…..

But God willing all will be well.

Then after Emily has Ava my husband will bring Aaron and Bailey up to meet her and then we will all go back to their place where I will stay over night there with the kids and their two dogs.

Not sure if Emily will come home on Friday or Saturday but if it isn’t till Saturday I will stay over again Friday night.

I do have to be at work on Saturday at six so……Rick, my husband will have to come back over and spend the day with them until Emily, Adam and Ava come home.

Emily is off for seven weeks so hopefully she will get caught up on sleeping and spending time with her kids before she has to go back to work on September 17th.

In the mean time, we wait…..


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The Working Class And My Little People~   Leave a comment

As usual I worked the weekend.

It is something I do every weekend to get to have my days off during the week to watch grandchildren.

I always look forward to Monday because I am off

I use to hate Monday’s but that was when I only worked Monday through Friday.

I did tell my boss that she could put me on a few nights a week if she needed due to two people just up and quitting and us being short employee wise.


I would love to never work again but my pocket book doesn’t agree with that so alas…..I work.

Right now I am sitting here trying to be quiet as my grandson Aaron and his sister Bailey stayed over night last night and both are still sleeping.

Aaron loves to stay over night.

Not sure why other than it is something different than being at home.

I have a meeting at two today at work and Aaron wants to tag along.

I keep telling him he will be bored but he says he doesn’t care.

I think his grandfather scares him a bit.

Rick can be gruff and has little patience.

Yes Aaron is ornery and rambunctious but he is a happy healthy boy.

I think he should be cut some slack.

But Rick and my daughter tend to think Aaron picks on Bailey and makes her fuss.

I think it is more…..Aaron is being a brother and Bailey needs to toughen up.

Ahh well……

It is that time of year again when the stores are filled with school supplies.

Yes school starts in over a month but every year we buy the kids school supplies and sometimes I take them shopping for clothes.

Usually I just do the clothes shopping for Keira and Kayla and I just give the parents money for Mirielle, Aaron and Bailey.

Bailey will be starting preschool so I am not sure how much she will actually need for school supplies…..or any new clothes…..

I am grateful for my grandchildren and helping out a bit with school makes me happy and it helps ease the parents load.

I am a blessed woman.

Happy Thanksgiving



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Almost Paradise~   Leave a comment

Today was an exceptionally beautiful day.

77 with full sunshine and a small breeze.

Just perfect summer weather if you ask me.

The only bad part about it was that I had to be at work at two so I missed a lot of it.

Still I was thrilled with what I did have.

I planted a small tree, pulled some weeds, went in a ride in our jeep and played with our grandchildren.

It was a good day despite the having to work.

My coworker/friend found out she does have breast cancer, so I need to learn to be more grateful for every day that I  have and that my loved ones are healthy and happy too.

Thank you Lord for all of my blessings.



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Failing Miserably-   Leave a comment

JesusMy eldest son came to visit this afternoon and we started talking about marriage and life

That turned to the differences he has with his wife, who when he first met was a completely different woman than she is now.

When they first got together she was interested in things he was interested in and now…..she isn’t interested in anything he likes and more importantly, she has become very concerned with living a life for God, and my son doesn’t understand what changed.

She has told him nothing has changed, that she has always loved God.

My son has told me more than once that had she acted this way when he met her or dated her, he never would have married her.

She is very critical of everything he does.

Brian likes to drink, she hates that he drinks.

She has gone so far to tell him, that she will be in Heaven one day while he will be in hell.


My son is frustrated beyond words and as usual I can’t find the words to comfort him or express how important God is and how one day he will need God.

But as usual I failed miserably.

Marriage is a lot of hard work……Marriage isn’t always fun….But marriage is a commitment…….a decision made every day to make it work……

God is so very important to life, for marriage.

Unfortunately I am married to a man who doesn’t believe in God, and while it isn’t a deal breaker for us, I can see how it could be for some one else.



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