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Grandchildren day~   Leave a comment

My youngest two grandchildren (siblings) will be here in about an hour.

My husband watches my youngest granddaughter Bailey every Wednesday so since I am off of work I will be here to enjoy them too.

Funny how Bailey is exactly like her mother.

Quick tem

pered like Emily and a bit of a hot head.

She likes everything her way too.

Just like her mother.

Aaron will be his quiet self even though he does like to tease his sister and get her to fussing.

My grandchildren are my blessings from God.

I love them so….

valentines day


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Going by the way side…..   Leave a comment

No one writes blogs anymore.

Literally the only person who does is my sister Kathy and even she has missed a couple of days of late.

I love to write and I try to write every day.

Granted no one probably reads them except maybe Kathy but still I like to put thought to blog….

Easy day as I am only working two hours and then I will go get groceries and head home.

My youngest grandchild will be there and the day will go fast as they always do.

Really miss my Keira and Kayla.

Feel like I never see them and when I do there is always a bunch of people around.

Hate that……

But in three weeks they are on spring break as is Aaron and I took the week off to spend with them.

We will go swimming a couple of times and just hang out.

Can’t wait.

Family is the most important thing after God of course.



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The Joys In My Life~   Leave a comment


With all the hoopla on who will be president, and with all the killings in our world, it is the simple things in life that bring me the greatest joy.

My grandchildren are my loves.

I love them as much as I love my own kids.

They are so wonderful and independent and different in so many ways.

They bring me such wonderful joy.

Bailey is two and a drama princess.

She can turn on the tears faster then she can blink her beautiful brown eyes at you.

She is the smartest two year old child that I have ever met.

Aaron our only grandson is 6 and ornery and independent and quite stingy with his hugs.

He hates being wrong and doesn’t like to share his feelings very often.

Kayla who will be 8 next month, is so incredibly smart and a thinker and always struggling to be accepted for who she is and her quirky ideas.

Keira is 10 and Kayla’s older sister and the two are as different as night and day.

Kayla struggles with her weight while Keira is model thin.   Keira struggles with school while Kayla is as smart as a whip.

Keira always gives Kayla a hard time about everything and Kayla has a heart of gold.

Mirielle is  tall and thin and pretty  and quite independent.

She will be 14 in November.

I am a truly blessed woman to have these five children in my life.

They bring me so much wonderful joy.

And maybe in another year I will get one more.


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Aaron   Leave a comment

my grandson Aaron turns 6 today.

Hard to believe he is that old already.

He is a great little boy, ornery as can be but he has such a good heart.

And he adores his sister.

All around he is a perfect grandson.

My only one…..

Emily's birthday card

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unhappy baby   Leave a comment

today is my first day off and we have my grandson and youngest grand daughter.

Aaron has to go to school but his sister will stay with us all day.

Bailey has the chicken pox.  Or should I say she is getting over them.

They hardly affected her at all except that she isn’t in the greatest moods.

the pox have graced her skin with about thirty pox or so and they are drying up now.

Yes she had the chicken pox vaccine but the doctor told my daughter one in thirty  children still get the chicken pox.

Bailey is one in thirty.

so every now and then she has an out burst and cries or throws fits.

this is so out of character for her that I think it just has to do with having the chicken pox.


Grandchildren are wonderful and I am a truly blessed woman.

Maybe once Aaron goes to school Bailey can settle down a bit.




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grandchildren filled weekend   Leave a comment

we have our four youngest grandchildren tonight.

we will get Keira and Kayla at two and then Bailey and Aaron at five.

Bailey has chicken pox so hopefully it will work well if she isn’t too fussy.

her mother said she is in good spirits considering so……

I am taking at least one if not two of the grandkids back to Wilton to house sit and watch their dogs and stay over night because I can’t see making the dogs stay kenneled up for twelve plus hours.

that just seems inhumane to me.

so if Kayla and Aaron want to go with me Keira can stay here and help grandpa with Bailey.

OR Keira can go with me and the other two an stay here.

I don’t see taking all three and just leaving Bailey with grandpa but I suppose that is possible too.



tomorrow we will have them till noon at least and then the rest of the day I will probably spend being a bum.



my flowers are coming up and it is near sixty outside but….that isn’t going to last.

so I may have to cover them some nights if it gets really cold again.

I still have my cold.


In three weeks we will be flying to Florida

daytona beach

and in five weeks my youngest daughter will be getting married.


Busy times are coming…..







Toby again   Leave a comment

Toby and Aaron

my new pup is very precious and wonderful

Seen here with my grandson Aaron.

He has only had one accident in the house and that is my fault as I saw him eat and then got busy reading something and suddenly realized he was sniffing around and so I got up to take him out to potty.

Too late as it were, but only one potty accident is great.

He sleeps with me.

He woke me up at three this morning pacing on my bed so I took him out to potty.

We got back into bed and he wanted to play.

I told him no several times before he went to lay down near my feet and play with his chew toy.

When the alarm woke us up neither one of us wanted to get up.

But alas we must.

I hate leaving him in his kennel as he hates it and whines and cries, but he can’t be trusted to roam the house and not chew on things and make messes.

Maybe one day he will be old enough and can be left home alone without coming home to messes, but not yet…….

Love the little guy, but I do miss Max a lot too.


I actually told Toby last night he was a pain in my butt, which only makes me miss Max cuz I use to wrestle with him and say that to him over and over.
Toby will never replace Max, but he is a nice addition to our family.

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the birthday boy   Leave a comment

My one and only grandson Aaron is five today.

He is a rambunctious ornery healthy happy boy.

I love him dearly.

happy birthday Aaron.

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if tomorrow never comes   Leave a comment

as I prepare for my vacation here in about twenty four hours, I always think of the what ifs?

what if we don’t live through this?

what if we get in a car accident and die?

or robbed and killed for our car?

maybe I sound a bit morbid but I always have these what ifs going on in my mind.

it could be that for about two weeks now I have had a horrible feeling that something bad is going to happen.

I don’t know if that something bad is about me or someone I love.

I just know I won’t like the outcome.

so as I get ready to travel the friendly interstates to get to Florida, I wonder if tomorrow never comes what then?

I have no fear of dying.

I know I am going to Heaven and will live there with my Lord.

and I know my four children will be fine without me in their lives.

yes they will miss me, but I know deep down they will be fine.

it is my five grandchildren that I worry for.

yes they will be fine too if I die tomorrow or a week from now, but to never see them again or hold them and tell them how very important they are to me,  is heartbreaking.

I love them all so much.

I would hope my children would never let them forget me.

but that would be the only thing that would make me sad about dying.

and that is my wonderful grandchildren.

God willing I get to see them all grow up and have marriages and babies of their own.

but if not………maybe He will let me watch over them from Heaven.


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Needing to learn to keep my big mouth shut   Leave a comment

I’m pretty sure I have written about this before.
I really do need to learn to keep my mouth shut

I pissed off my daughter who seems to always be nagging on her four year old son.
She get’s upset with him and I say “Emily he is a healthy boy” or “Mom he is just playing” or whatever and then Aaron does what he wants.
So I need to learn to keep my big mouth shut where her mothering skills are concerned

I do think she needs to be a hell of a lot more patient then she is………

but I wasn’t a perfect mother either so……………..


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