It Hurts My Heart   Leave a comment

I work with a 30 year old girl who said yesterday that her 10 year old daughter is a little bastard

Saying her daughter is a brat and a handful

It breaks my heart to hear her talk about her daughter like that

My daughter knows a girl who has had all 3 of her daughters taken away from her because she is unfit and a drug addict

Her oldest daughter is 11 and then she has 4 year old twins

And now she is pregnant again

The problem is she is a meth addict

My heart bleeds for that unborn baby

What kind of life is he going to have?

Imagine the torture he will have to endure when he is born and having to be weaned off meth?

It just breaks my heart all the way around

There are so many unloved and unwanted children in this country

I would take them all if I could



Posted March 21, 2021 by Marge in Uncategorized

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