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As One Year Ends And Another Begins~   Leave a comment

No one will argue that 2020 has been a crappy year with the coronavirus.

Many people died many were very sick.

I had it but it was a mild case so I can’t complain about having it.

My husband’s nephew died in May, due to a heart attack at 39 years of age.

A woman I use to work with lost her life with her husband just a little over a week ago when a 20 year old man from Illinois decided to take them with him when he killed himself by driving on the Interstate the wrong way and hitting them head on.

Trump (thank you Lord) didn’t win the reelection which is a very bright point in this year.

I didn’t get to go on vacation this year which is a bummer.

Today I have a cold and stuffed up nose due to my youngest grand daughter giving it to me.

I called in sick last night because I was so miserable.

But alas…it is the first time I have called in so I was over due.


In 2021 I will turn 60 years old, which I have to say is a little bothersome.

It never bothered me to turn 30 or 40 or 50 but turning 60 I think is going to be another story.

How can I possibly be 60?
Where has the time gone?
The only good thing about it is that it leaves me just five year before I can retire.

Which can’t get here soon enough.

On another note I have decided to change up my clothes.

I am tired of jeans.

So I have bought some dress slacks.

Just because I want to feel less frumpy.

I look forward to wearing them when it gets nicer out.

Right now with winter upon us, (we are supposed to get up to 6 inches tonight) I don’t feel like I can wear slacks, unless we are going out to eat.

I wish it would snow two or three feet.

We haven’t had a really good snow storm since my eldest daughter was a baby, almost 42 years ago.

Alas…..I do hope 2021 will be a lot brighter and happier for everyone.

We could do with something good happening after this crappy year.

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