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A Whole Lot Of Nothing~   Leave a comment

Day one of my four days off is nearly over with.

I didn’t do much.

I caught up on my tv shows and took an almost three hour nap.


Hate how fast my days off go.

Of course if I hadn’t napped it would have seemed longer.

Sounds like we are going to get some snow this weekend which is alright with me.

We need snow for Christmas.

Still wish I was in a warmer climate with a beach as my view but alas…….If wishes were horses beggars could ride.



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Wishing   Leave a comment

I have the next 4 days off and I wish I could head to Florida

I could

I could rent a car and fly there for under $600

The only thing is I would have to go by myself

NOT that I couldn’t but not sure how much fun it would be

I yearn for sunshine and warmer temperatures

And it has hardly been winter yet


Hopefully next year I will get to go back to the beach

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