A Whole Lot Of Nothing   1 comment

I am here at work with nothing going on

I am almost to the 8 hour mark with 4 more hours to go

Nothing new per say

I do find that I am getting the blues more often

Not sure why

One reason may be that I feel like I am either at work or sleeping

Another reason could be that the weather is cold and dreary

Another could be that I haven’t had sex in 9 years

Take your pick

What ever the reason I get down and blue more than I use to

I used to have one or 2 days a month.

Now it seems like it is 1 or 2 days a week

Not sure why…….

I love the holiday season coming up

But not sure if I am ready for winter

Not that I have a choice

It will come regardless

Maybe it is that I didn’t get a vacation this year

Hell I don’t know



Posted October 20, 2020 by Marge in Uncategorized

One response to “A Whole Lot Of Nothing

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  1. Hang in there… My mom had a virtual appointment with her doc yesterday who asked her if she was depressed. “Who wouldn’t be?” my mom answered. The doctor offered her meds if she felt she needed them – my mom’s response was “that won’t fix the things (broken leg from fall, Covid etc) that are making me sad..so I’ll just try to get through those things first and see if I’m still depressed once things improve.” — Sometimes we just have a lot of “peas on our plate” and we can’t move on until we deal with them.

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