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A Whole Lot Of Nothing   1 comment

I am here at work with nothing going on

I am almost to the 8 hour mark with 4 more hours to go

Nothing new per say

I do find that I am getting the blues more often

Not sure why

One reason may be that I feel like I am either at work or sleeping

Another reason could be that the weather is cold and dreary

Another could be that I haven’t had sex in 9 years

Take your pick

What ever the reason I get down and blue more than I use to

I used to have one or 2 days a month.

Now it seems like it is 1 or 2 days a week

Not sure why…….

I love the holiday season coming up

But not sure if I am ready for winter

Not that I have a choice

It will come regardless

Maybe it is that I didn’t get a vacation this year

Hell I don’t know


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