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Jason~   Leave a comment

Saturday we had a celebration of life for Jason.

He died on May 15th from a heart attack.

He was 39

Way too young.

Right before the celebration ended we lit and flew lanterns for Jason.

I do believe there was 39 in all for the years he lived.

This is my son in law Adam who was Jason’s half brother



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Starting 12 hour shifts   Leave a comment

Today is my first day of working 12 hour shifts from now on

The 1st 4 hours flew by and the last 4 haven’t been bad

I have 4 to go

It has been decent

Working 12 hour shifts means I just work

3 days a week which I think I will love

I work Wednesday and Thursday nights and then I am off till Sunday night at 6pm.

Then I am off till Friday night at 6

Which will be awesome to have 4 and a half days off in a row

I told my sister I may head West on one of those 4 days off weeks

Maybe Wyoming or Utah

Love the thought of just getting in the car and driving


I would go to Sarasota or Fort Myers with my sister Kathy if she wanted

I know that the coronavirus is still out there but I think ou f we are careful we would be fine


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