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I am looking for some inspiration

Some get up and go

I feel like I am floundering at times

Aimlessly walking through the foggy day just going through the motions and not really living life

Maybe it is because I am working 3rd shift

But I sometimes feel that I am barely living

Just floating through

It isn’t a good feeling


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I feel like I need a vacation.

It is an endless feeling.

It doesn’t have to be to a beach…..although I do miss Florida.

But since the coronavirus is running rapid there I can’t see going there.

I yearn to get into my car and just drive west.

Love the idea of it.

Unfortunately it can’t happen any time soon.

Well starting next week I am going to start working twelve hour shifts.

I have done three before and with working twelves, I will work less.

This coming week it will be Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and then next week will be Sunday and then not again until Friday and Saturday.

So I will have Monday through Friday at six off.

A great time to just take off.

Doubt it will happen though.

But it is nice to dream…..


Maybe some time soon……

utah home

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