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It is a cool rainy day out.
A bit humid so I put the a/c back on.
I think my husband thought it was unnecessary but since I am here all day and he isn’t, it is up to me.

And basically he generally leaves it up to me.

I have no plans except to work tonight at ten.

I often have days with no plans.

Rick watches the grandkids so I am home alone.

Not to say I am bored.

Because I am not.

I just find a lot of time on my hands.

I am watching “Counsel of Dads” a woman at work suggested it.

It is about a man who dies and leaves his wife with five kids and he hires these three men to step in and help and council his wife and kids.

It is a decent show.

Nothing wonderful but it is a family show


And life goes on….

Sure wish I was at the beach……………….


me too

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