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Matt, Crystal, Brian, Tonyia, Emily and I started a diet today.
Well we are doing the biggest loser challenge.

We each put in $100 and the person who loses the most by Labor Day wins the entire jackpot.

I have already gone without pop for a week.

I drank mountain dew every night when I was working third shift.

Now I drink crystal light with caffeine in it to help keep me awake.

It doesn’t work as well as the mountain dew did but it is better for me.


I am giving up sugar and of course I have to start exercising.

I need to lose fifty pounds.

I will be happy if I lose forty.

Hell anything will be an improvement.


Also I need to tone up.

Especially in my arms.

They are ugly and very flabby.



I have no illusions that I will win the jackpot.

But it gives me motivation and that is what I need.



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