Happy Mother’s Day To Me~   1 comment

only my youngest son and his two girls thought it was nice enough to come and visit me on Mother’s day.

Brian and Emily just sent me a text and Paula hasn’t acknowledged it at all.

I never say anything but we always do a grill out for Rick for father’s day and his birthday.

I suppose that is my doing.

But nothing got done for my birthday except going to Emily’s for lunch and nothing at all was done for Mother’s day.

I know they all favor him over me.

It shows in a million little ways.




Posted May 10, 2020 by Marge in ramblings

One response to “Happy Mother’s Day To Me~

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  1. I’m sorry Marge.. Just remember, nothing changes the fact that you are their mom. You may think they “prefer” their dad..but he’s dad- not mom. There is no other mom to prefer over you. Keep reaching out..life is precious..keep the door open. You are mom..the one and only. 👍

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