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I turned 59 today

Hard to believe really

I don’t feel 59 most of the time

Some times I do but for the most part I don’t

But my children are 41, 39, 34 and 31 so I have to be aging too


It wasn’t a spectacular day

My eldest text me happy birthday very early this morning which was great

The other 3 did as well

I got 2 $50 gift cards to Red Lobster my favorite place to eat

One from my son Matt and the other from my sister Kathy.

My eldest sister gave me $30

My youngest daughter Emily gave me flowers and we ate lunch over at her house today

My grand daughter Bailey made me a few little trikets too

And Rick did finish the walls of the garage



I unfortunately had to work because my boss forgot to let me have it off

She apologized to me though

I have a lot of things to be thankful for and overall it was a good day

I would prefer to be in Florida on the beach though which is how I usually spend my birthday

Maybe next year



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One response to “59

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  1. Happy Birthday! I can’t believe you are 59! Where have the years gone?

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